Seo/Yelp/Social Media Support

We are experts on Yelp, SEO, social media, and marketing. If you have questions, we can help you to improve your rankings on Google, optimize your Yelp profile, and grow your business. After Training Sites, join our team, we are dedicated to increasing your sales with white sheets, initial consulting, and helpful vendor lists which describes the absolute lowest prices for you to purchase supplies. 

Does your current card provider demand to have their website & logo posted on your own website? If so, stop this immediately, since this external link is hurting your rankings on the major search engines. Your business website should be used to bring business to you, not to your training center. 

The Certification Cards

The certification card you issue to your clients is very important. Your clients use this card to contact you when their card expires. Compare the cards you receive now from your current provider. We do not put our website on the cards, since we want your clients to call you - not us! 
Top Line: We just put our company name and TC ID.
Second Line: We must put in our phone number, but choose the area code furthest from you. 
Third Line: You put your company name, phone, and website.


Great Customer Service

We provide excellent and friendly customer service to help you with any questions about running your American Heart Association Training Site. Call us for more information about getting set up: 415-613-4371. 

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

We offer the lowest advertised price for American Heart Association certification cards - guaranteed. If you find a company offering a lower price with the same benefits, we will match their price. However, your decision should not be based on the prices alone. See below for more reasons to choose Safety Training Seminars.


Simplified Paperwork

Are you getting buried in paperwork and processing your rosters? We can help you save time and money by processing your rosters with Google Docs, Dropbox, and Docusign. Our streamlined systems make it easy and quick to fill out the required paperwork while following all American Heart Association guidelines. 

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We can Process Certification cards and provide ongoing support for California AHA Instructors