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Become an American Heart Association Training Site

We can Process Certification cards and provide ongoing support for California AHA Instructors

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Getting Started

We can get you started fairly quickly. Here are a few of the basic steps for getting started: 

1. Call, email, or fill out our contact us form. 

2. Paperwork (AHA candidate form, instructor card, resume, copy of license, etc.)

3. Site Check & Monitoring

4. Training site agreement

5. Ready to teach after all steps are completed & application is approved.

BLS Instructor Course - Candidates

Information for those who recently completed their BLS Instructor Course. 

Thank you for attending the BLS Instructor Course with Safety Training Seminars. We are excited to help get you started in your path to teaching CPR. There are a few ways you can continue the course of teaching either with Safety Training Seminars or with another AHA Training Center.

Option One: Teach for Safety Training Seminars
You can continue your path to teaching by teaching for our Training Center. All our Instructors are Independent Contractors and teach on an as-need basis. We cannot guarantee our Instructors a set number of classes and our scheduling needs change month-to-month. Instructor will need to assist with two classes BLS, & Heartsaver CPR and First-aid (not paid).
After assisting with two classes, Instructor must be monitored teaching a BLS and Heartsaver course on their own (not paid). If approved, we can schedule classes for the Instructor. Instructor pay is $30/hour.

Option Two: Transfer to another Training Center

You can continue your path to teaching by teaching for another Training Center. Please have your new Training Center fill out and send the completed Transfer Form to us. Your records will be transferred within 30 days of the request to your new Training Center.

Option Three: Teach on your own as a Training Site
You can continue your path to teaching as your own business or with your employer as a Training Site. Instructor can teach their own classes at their site. Provider cards are purchased from the Training Center (STS). After you become an instructor, you cannot immediately start teaching courses on your own as a Training Site. We have a process which includes inspection of equipment, training, and your training site has to be large enough in order to become a Training Site. If you do not meet our requirements, we know of other options for you to become a Training Site. 

Mandatory Training Site equipment (before approval as a Training Site)

  • Adult manikins              
  • Infant manikins                    
  • AED Trainers      
  • BLS & Heartsaver DVD        
  • Pocket masks      
  • Valves          
  • Roller Bandage  
  • Epi-pens -
  • Gloves non latex  
  • Heartsaver Instructor Manual    
  • BLS and Heartsaver Manuals
  • Paperwork            Can be downloaded on AHA instructor network
  • Bag valve masks (adult & infant)

We enjoy having your in our class and look forward to working with you and continue our mission of saving lives. Any questions you have please feel free to reach out directly, I can be reached via email or mobile (415) 613-4371.

Sincerely,Tara Valle