Prices for becoming a Training Site with Safety Training Seminars

Below you can see our prices. 

Yearly Site Fee: $200

Transfer Fee: $100

Yearly Instructor Fee: $200

Roster Processing Fee: $0​
Instructor Renewal Fee: $100 (to renew BLS instructor card)
Site Inspection Fee: $200 (once every two years)

Prices of Certification Cards

We can process the following American Heart Association certification cards: BLS Provider, Heartsaver CPR/AED, Heartsaver First-aid, Heartsaver First-aid CPR/AED, and Heartsaver Pediatric First-aid CPR/AED. We do not process ACLS or PALS cards, so you would keep your alignment with your current provider.

Our prices are based on the size of your order with a minimum of 200 of the same cards. You cannot mix BLS, CPR, and First-aid CPR cards. 

200 Cards (minimum): $8 per card
500 Cards: $7 per card

1000 Cards: $6 per card

Shipping: Free Shipping

Savings Calculator
Fill in the below information to find out how much you will save by using Safety Training Seminars to process your AHA certification cards. This approximate estimate is based on your training site buying cards from us for $6 each. This estimate also includes the money you will be saving by processing your rosters quicker, not paying yearly instructor fees, site fees, roster fees, shipping fees, and other extra charges. 


Become an American Heart Association Training Site

We can Process Certification cards and provide ongoing support for California AHA Instructors

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